Music Production and A&R Services

Music Production and A&R Services

We help Asian artists source the best songs from top songwriters around the world, enabling them to create “international quality hits”.  We also provide world-class production, mixing and mastering services.

B2 has been involved in the A&R and production of hits by major Asian stars, as well as cross-border collaborations between Chinese and Western artists.  Examples include:

  • Nothing to Lose for Chinese superstar Jackson Yi (from TF Boys fame) went to #1 on almost every chart in China, and was rated the #1 song of the year by QQ / Tencent.
  • Born to Do, performed by Chinese star Xu Wei Zhou and used in the Chinese release of the new Maze Runner movie, which quickly rose to #2 on the charts
  • How Much I Need You, a collaboration between Liu Mei Ling and US-based EDM duo The Dedbtz went to #13 on the QQ Charts
  • Steve Aoki remix of Chinese superstar Jane Zhang’s hit Dust My Shoulders Off on Volume 1 of Billboard presents Electric Asia reached #1 on the QQ charts.
  • A&R services for major K-Pop artist, contributing songs for her upcoming English-language debut
  • A&R on English-language single for major Chinese pop-icon

B2 has partnered with Los Angeles-based, seven-time Grammy Award winner Harvey Mason Jr., to launch Harvey Mason Media Asia (HMMA).   Harvey has written hits for major superstars including 50 Cent, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Chris Brown and Britney Spears, as well as Asian superstars including EXO and Girl’s Generation. Harvey has also produced some of the top movie soundtracks in recent years, including Pitch Perfect, Sing! And Straight Outta Compton.Harvey Mason Media Asia provides a full range of A&R, track writing and production, movie soundtrack production and education services.

Please click here for a press release announcing our partnership with Harvey Mason Media.

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