Our Services

Our Services


Artist Management

b2 represents the best new and established talent from around Asia, helping our artists grow their careers in Asia and throughout the world.We work in partnership with our artists, helping them perfect their craft, find the right material and collaborators, and positioning them for worldwide success.Our extensive network of international partners, music platforms and promotional outlets gives our artists a significant competitive advantage.

Entertainment Services

b2 works with our artists as a gateway between the Asian and the Western markets. We provide high level access to the West for our Asian clients, and unique insight and hands on strategies for Western acts looking to break into Asia. Below are different ways in which we can help facilitate crucial new music/media market relationships:

-Public Relations Services

-Social Media Services

-Appearances, Sponsorship & Ad placement

-Asian Content Production

-Asian Partner Pairing / Collaborations

Click here for a case study of how we help Western artists reach the Asian market.

Mixing and Mastering Services

b2 works with some of the top U.S. music remixers and producers, helping Asian artists localize the sound of their tracks to maximize impact in the world’s largest music market. 

We help achieve the essential U.S. “radio mix” for Asian artists seeking to launch their songs — and careers — in the West. We can help polish tracks to create an up-to-the-minute, radio-friendly mix for international audiences.  

Click here for the bio of one of our mix engineers.

Vocal Training Services

b2 works with one of the world’s top vocal coaches,Ivan Rutherford, to provide vocal training to Asian artists seeking to enhance their vocal quality. In particular, Ivan works with artists seeking to enhance their stage presence / live vocal quality, and also with artists when recoding tracks aimed at an international audience.

VIP Recording Services

b2 provides emerging and established artists with a full range of recording and production services.  Based at the state-of-the-art Billboard Recording Studio in Central, Hong Kong, b2 enables singers, bands and songwriters to record top quality productions in a highly-convenient Central location.

b2’s Bespoke Services are Premium offering, turn-key programs, where we take care of everything, so you can focus on your music.  Flights, hotels, studio time, session musicians, producers/engineers are all arranged.   From a single song to a full album, we provide all the tools needed to make your dreams come true.

Click here for billboard bespoke services.