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Billboard Presents: Electric Asia Vol. 1


Billboard Presents: Electric Asia Vol. 1 (CD)

A 15-track dance compilation featuring top artists throughout Asia.

Includes shipping (Hong Kong and Mainland China only)

CD dimensions: 13cm x 13cm

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Billboard Presents: Electric Asia Vol. 1 features 15 tracks including a Steve Aoki remix of Chinese superstar Jane Zhang’s hit ‘Dust My Shoulders Off’ with Timbaland and a remix of K-Pop icon Jessica’s single ‘Wonderland’.

Additionally, the album contains exclusive new tracks from Korea’s DJ Soda, Thailand’s Dome Pakorn Lam and Japan’s Ksuke, among others.

亚洲电音精选辑《Billboard Presents: Electric Asia Vol. 1》收录了亚洲最热的电子音乐,其中包括了张靓颖和Steve Aoki操刀的《Dust My Shoulders Off》混音版,Kpop偶像Jessica和PUNCH $OUND的《Wonderland》混音版,DJ SODA首张个人单曲《Stay Sweet》等等!

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/billboard-presents-electric-asia-vol-1/id1243613493

Billboard Presents Electric Asia Vol. 1
(Release date: Jun 2017)

1. Jane Zhang – Dust My Shoulders Off (Steve Aoki Remix)
2. Silverstrike – Drop Me in the Air (feat. Shimica)
3. The Dedbtz – How Much I Need You (feat. Morlin Liu)
4. Jessica Jung – Wonderland (Punch $ound Remix)
5. Jannine Weigel – Raindrops (Silverstrike Remix)
6. DJ Soda – Stay Sweet
7. Divine – Mere Gully Mein (feat. Neazy)
8. Nucleya – Bass Rani
9. Ksuke – Pool (feat. Meron Ryan)
10. FUTURE BOYZ – Tokyo Style
11. Miss Yellow – Satellites
12. Dome Pakorn Lan – Won’t Stop for Nothing
13. Hiraeth – Fun (feat. Amor)
14. TAK – Upper City
15. DJ Wordy – T.O.K.Y.O.