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VIBE Presents: Urban Asia Vol. 1



A 15-track hip-hop compilation featuring top artists throughout Asia.

Includes shipping (Hong Kong and Mainland China only)

CD dimensions: 13cm x 13cm

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VIBE Presents Urban Asia Vol. 1 features veteran heavyweights in the Asian rap game like Edison Chen, MC Yan, Thai hip-hop pioneers Thaitanium and many of the region’s leading music stars, including Higher Brothers and Bohan Phoenix from China, Raja Kumari and Divine from India, as well as Mrs M and UKA from Mongolia, and more from Korea and Japan.

The 15-song project contains four exclusive tracks, including “Youth Anthem” featuring China’s Boss X and “Can’t Breathe” featuring Chinese Superstar MC Jackson Wang.

由b2音乐与美国Billboard旗下最具标志性的杂志VIBE联手呈献亚洲嘻哈精选辑‘Urban Asia’第一辑。参与此精选辑的艺人包括了重量级嘻哈先驱如陈冠希,MC仁,泰国的Thaitanium和在全球迅速崛起的海尔兄弟和Bohan Phoenix,还有来自印度的Raja Kumari和Divine,蒙古的Mrs.M与UKA以及更多来自韩国、日本和亚洲各地的艺人,展示了亚洲多元的音乐风貌。

此精选辑收录了来自亚洲各地最新潮最具代表性的十五首嘻哈作品,包括四首独家新歌,包括来自中国的谢帝的《Youth Anthem》和中国嘻哈新星王嘉尔的合作歌《Can’t Breathe》。

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VIBE Presents: Urban Asia Vol. 1
(Release date: May 2018)

1. Can’t Breathe – Eddie Supa feat. Jackson Wang and Stan Sono
2. No Hook – Bohan Phoenix x Higher Brothers
3. Youth Anthem – Boss X feat. Xu Xin Wen and Alex Hong
4. Bang – Mrs M
5. City Slums – Raja Kumari feat. Divine
6. Papillon – Jackson Wang
7. Just Like That – Tittsworth and Mestizo feat. Rome Fortune and Bohan Phoenix
8. China Trap House – TPA Feat. Al Rocco and Ivy
9. That’s Not Me – Silverstrike x Gianni Marino feat. Shimica
10. Turnt – Thaitanium
11. Don’t Stop – Uka
12. Mahjong – Beijing Boiz
13. This Is My Life – Khasi Bloodz
14. On & On – Seamo x Crystal Boy x Kuro x Socks
15. Alien Lover – Edison Chen x MC Yan x Chef